Virtualization Solutions

VMware-Powered Cloud Solutions

Virtualization is not just on the horizon! It is already here! Hundreds of companies are no longer limited within the constraints of traditional business and IT processes. Instead, they are consolidating server infrastructures, network assets and storage and backup resources, resulting in significant cost savings, improved change management capabilities, better disaster recovery strategies, enhanced performance, and better all over control in terms of flexibility and scalability. Virtualization has become a welcome solution for companies that operate in diverse geographic environments – a trend that is quickly becoming the norm. If you don’t already have a Virtualization strategy in place – now is the time to do it!

HB Computers has the qualifications, skills, and tools to help your business embrace Virtualization as a practical way to maximize your resources and applications. Depending on you specific needs and goals, we will provide:

  • Technical assessments and design recommendations
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Data and application migration
  • Capacity planning
  • Procedure optimization
  • Ongoing service and support

Call us today at 714-969-3001 to schedule an assessment of your current capabilities and to receive an overview of what the HB Computers’ Virtualization team can offer in terms of taking your business to a competitive level in today’s changing business environment.

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