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Busted Myths about Refurbished Laptops

When it comes to buying refurbished laptops, many of us hesitate to buy one. Several reasons are given for this hesitation. Some of them include:

  • These have low configuration
  • These are of low quality
  • These have performance issues

This kind of fear nurtures because of lack of information on these products. This fear has been built over the years and there are pretty big myths that still stay in society. In this piece, we shall be bursting a few of those with logical explanations. So let’s get started.

Myth: The computing power of refurbished laptops is low when compared with new

Fact: Undoubtedly, a newer laptop will have the latest configurations like greater speed, bigger RAM, good processing speed, etc. But, you will actually have to understand the working of each of these configurations in order to utilize the laptop to its full capacity. But, it actually is not happening. Many people just use the device to check their mail and create documents. Therefore, paying for the extra computing power would just be a waste of money. Hence, buying a refurbished laptop would be a great option as you will get a recent version with good computing capabilities at a lower price.

Myth: Refurbished laptops have inferior quality of hardware used in them.

Fact: This is quite untrue as the majority of sellers of refurbished devices ensure that a laptop is generally reconditioned and repaired thoroughly by professional engineers. Each of the refurbished pieces is tested for any issues and certified before being sold. Every brand of the laptop makes sure that their refurbished devices have a similar quality and reliability as a new one.

Myth: Every refurbished laptop is used/second hand and at the end of its useful life

Fact: Undoubtedly the refurbished laptops are used, but there is just a minimal list of laptops that are at the end of its useful life. The rest of them are either quite new or very gently used. The pre-owned devices are accepted by most refurbishers only when in a good working condition. These laptops require just minor tuning to perform just as new. Many customers give away their laptops because of tiny defects, scratches, dents, etc. Each of such devices has a good and useful life left in them. Moreover, these laptops are thoroughly checked by professional engineers and are sold as new.

Myth: Refurbished laptops will damage within a few months

Fact: Since each of these refurbished laptops are reconditioned and repaired by professionals before selling, you can expect them to last for a long time. The reconditioning ensures that the laptop will continue to work properly for as long as 5 years. Therefore, you can expect a refurbished laptop to not to break down within a couple of months of purchase. Well, again it depends on the seller from where you buy it. Authorized and certified refurbished sellers also offer a one year warranty on their refurbished laptops.

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