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IT Solutions – from Small & Medium Businesses to Enterprise Companies

Exceptional reputation and superior support 

Managed IT Services & Support

HB Computers will give you peace of mind while helping to increase your productivity, improve performance, and allow you to manage your staff’s time more efficiently. Plus, you will dramatically reduce your IT budget.

  • Unparalleled reliability and significant cost savings
  • High quality service from experienced, certified technicians
  • Access to the most recent technology and resources
  • Remote monitoring support and on-site services
  • Advanced software upgrades and hardware changes
  • Managing patching, upgrade, and security posture
  • Manage backup and storage options
  • Malware solutions
  • Update servers in real-time
  • Troubleshoot advanced issues
  • Virtualization services
  • Cloud-backed systems
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Manage SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Storage
  • Virtual CIO
  • Cloud-based managed services
  • Communication infrastructure: messaging, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), data, and video
  • Systems management
  • Device & security audits + suggest infrastructure upgrades
  • Monitoring of device & network operations center
  • Establish a strong, secure network infrastructure
  • Manage firewall, switches, routers and access points
  • Free Cyber Security Audit

Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery Services

Fires, power outages, earthquakes, and any number of accidents or natural disasters can impact all the hardware in your building and at your server centers, as well as anything that is stored. Therefore, having separate storage facilities, far from your geographic region, is an essential part of any managed service to ensure the safety of your operations and data.

Long gone are the days of entire rooms or basement levels being dedicated to the housing of numerous file cabinets with countless physical documents and sheets of paper, hard-disk and tapes. Not only is that a major security risk, but it’s also about as inefficient as a business can possibly operate. That all changed with the dawn of digital storage devices, and the process of data storage is ultimately being perfected by cloud technology.

Managed IT and Helpdesk Services

We’re a trusted Managed Service Provider for any business and enterprise. We provide the cutting-edge technological solutions and reliable maintenance of your IT department that significantly reduce your costs.

The key components of our managed services for small businesses to enterprise companies include:

  • 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Remote Access and Support

24/7/365 Monitoring and Management Pricing starts at:

  • Endpoint [Protection and SaaS Per Device] – $64/mo (ONLY $2.06/day)
  • Server Infrastructure Managed Service [including switches, firewall, routers and access points] – $299/mo (ONLY $9.64/day)
  • Additional server – $199/mo (ONLY $6.41/day)
  • Virtualization Monitoring [via Azure, VMware, Citrix, AWS etc.] – $99/month (approximately $3.19/day)
  • Tablets [Apple iPad & Microsoft Surface] $39/mo (ONLY $1.25/day)

*Based on a $31-day month

Problem SeverityInitial Response TimeEscalationExpected Time to Resolution


Business Hours

30 Mins1 HourDetermined by the nature of the event –

normally 4 hours



Business Impact

2 Hour4 HourDetermined by the nature of the event –

normally 8 hours



User Impact

4 Hour / Next Business Day24 HourStandard Support Plan

Managed Plan:
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