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Security Camera Huntington Beach

CCTV & Security Camera Systems Installation

The risk of criminal activity in today’s environment of the ‘unexpected’ is very real! Schools, businesses, warehouses, restaurants, malls, campgrounds, homes, apartment buildings, hotels – anyplace where safety is important – can benefit by sophisticated systems that protect lives and assets.

Serving Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA and surrounding areas, we at HB Security Cameras have the capacity to install and service high-definition CCTV security camera and security systems so that you can leverage the latest technology for your safety. Depending on your needs, we can install a system that is simple in design but that provides maximum safety through a whole spectrum of protection.

The beauty of a system like this is that it can be controlled from anywhere, at anytime!


  • Technically Advanced Equipment that offers high resolution and automatic light adjustment
  • Flexible Moving Cameras capable of capturing every detail from every angle
  • Facial Scrutiny that captures incredibly accurate details of faces
  • Quality Video Production using IP equipment that is easily integrated with external systems like POS, ATM, Access Control, and Teller
  • Easy Streaming that allows you to capture footage on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, etc.) and with our cloud services, you can stream the video any time and sitting anywhere in the world and also back it up in storage
  • Better Control so that you don’t need to rely on technicians. You can be in control of your own safety.

Whatever your protection needs are – our technicians have your back!

Commercial or residential security camera – our team has you covered!

Protecting your family or your assets – we are on top of it!

Call us at (714) 451-8991 – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

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