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Customer Testimonials


Testimonials from our customers are one of the benchmarks by which we measure our performance. When we say 100% satisfaction, we mean 100% satisfaction. Our customers are the heart of our business, and our reputation is shaped by their satisfaction. We take pride in the remarks that we have posted below. They are written by customers who have had an extraordinary experience with our service. If you have had a great experience with HB Computers as well, we invite you to submit your comments by emailing us at [email protected]. As always we welcome and value your input!

We run a small business without a dedicated IT department, but try to use the latest technology with our server and remote communication. After jumping between a variety of support vendors in the area, we began using HB Computers in 2016. We have been very pleased with their immediate response to any and all of our requests, from general questions to technical emergencies. We especially appreciate the remote access they provide. When we allow them access to our server from their office, they are able to download patches and make adjustments in actual work time, without having to sit in our office and bill us for the time it takes to sit and wait for the downloading of programs and updates (which can add up quickly). They are patient with my questions and willing to explain what they are doing and why, without overloading me with complicated jargon. Their fees are reasonable. We are extremely happy to recommend HB Computers service to anyone in need of a quick, responsive, competent and fair IT partner. Thanks to Amir and his team!
TNR Group Inc

Rancho Dominguez, CA

As a Los Angeles business with 7 campuses, having dependable IT systems are critical to our operations. The high level of excellence that the HB Computers professional team provides is unparalleled by any other IT service that I have used! They take care of all of our IT needs – including PC and network support, computers and hardware sales, data recovery, security cameras and access point installations. They are simply the best in the business! Amir is an exceptional leader and has high standards for all of his technicians’ work assignments. They are consistently precise, efficient, conscientious, and willing to answer any questions at any time. It’s easy to see why HB Computers has earned so many 5-star reviews on consumer feedback sites. I highly recommend them for any business that needs dependable IT support.

Canoga Park, CA

We have used HB Computers for over a year. They handle all of our computer needs – whether its storage, offsite backups or software solutions. They know what to do and they execute on their promises 100%. The level of service we get on an ongoing basis is exactly what we strive for as a service provider ourselves. Our point person Gerry is extremely organized and very thorough with all of our IT needs. We have done multiple upgrades, system enhancements and are continually updating our equipment. Gerry’s accuracy in evaluating our needs and his detail for system conversions and enhancements is, to say the least, impressive. The IT services they have provided us – whether in the form of network administration, disaster recovery services, or hardware maintenance – have allowed us to operate smoothly and grow steadily. We appreciate that Amir and his staff is always available to answer our questions quickly and correctly. I would highly recommend Gerry, Paul, Young, and HB Computers to anyone who is looking to outsource their IT needs.
Bob Watches

Huntington Beach, CA

Finally, we got our IT needs in shape! Since Gerry began managing our technology, there has been a significant reduction in server downtime resulting in increased productivity and enhanced efficiency. Thank goodness we have HB Computers to take care of all of our technical needs. Whatever we need – whether it’s data storage, offsite backup, software solutions or any of the other IT concerns that pop up – they’re on top of it! HB Computers really understood the needs of our business and has been able to create effective solutions to improve our overall network. As a law firm, dependable connectivity is crucial to our day-to-day business. Thanks to Amir and his team, we have great peace of mind knowing that all of our technology is overseen by one company who has a firm handle on our needs. Thanks to HB Computers, our IT is now working the way it should be.
Arens Russell R. Law Offices

Long Beach, CA

HB Computers explains technical issues in a clear, concise way so you can make the right decisions for your business. There are very few people in this field with the specialized knowledge and integrity to help small businesses face the increasing challenges in a world that depends on the successful integration of technologies. If you have Amir by your side to help your business, you will be much better equipped to compete successfully in today’s digital world.
Long E. Peek II Law Office

Huntington Beach, CA

HB Computers has worked on several different projects for us in the past six months. Their expert team has installed network drops, speakers, cameras, a network system and more! They are now our ‘go to’ IT solution service. We made the switch because we were unhappy with our previous consultants, and it's made a huge positive difference for us. They are very responsive, and they meet with us once a month just to check in to make sure everything is running smoothly. I had never worked for a company using off-site tech support before and had some reservations, but HB Computers quickly calmed my misgivings. I truly appreciate the attention we receive. They are always up-to-date on cutting edge developments in the industry to make sure that we are aware of enhancements that can help my business. HB Computers has always been just a telephone call away to save my day when that unexpected "technology glitch" requires immediate attention!
Nu Care

Westminster, CA

As a small business owner in Orange County, looking for excellent service is a must! Trying to find contractors and vendors that will go the extra mile is a difficult task these days. However, HB Computers is a vendor of ours that always exceeds our expectations! In the mobile service business we operate, we use many-many laptops, interfaces, adapters, networking equipment, and various other computer hardware. This is a harsh outdoor environment for computers, and requires frequent repairs on this equipment. We have considered hiring a full time IT position to take care of these ongoing repairs. However, with the excellent service, reasonable price, and high technical ability of HB Computers, we have completely dismissed the notion of hiring any IT staff internally. HB Computers has NEVER said no to help us, regardless of how crazy of an idea we throw at them! We very much respect the lengths HB Computers will go to help our business. They truly will make your business – their business, and help you through any computer problem you have! We can’t say enough good things about their service, and we will continue to use them for as long as we in operation. Any good business owner recognizes that good talent is hard to find. When you find good talent you latch onto it and don’t let it go! I think the best way to describe HB Computers, is HIGHLY TALENTED!
Emission Services

Costa Mesa, CA

HB Computers has simply been amazing! As a business owner of multiple businesses, I know from experience that IT support can be the most frustrating, expensive and confusing challenge you ever face in building your business. That’s why it is absolutely essential to have a high quality IT Consultant/Technician to support you! We have hit a gold mine with HB Computers and have used them successfully for a number of occasions. The HB Computers team stands out for a number of reasons. They have an extensive knowledge base gained from a decade of experience. They are invariably polite, patient and helpful. They respected each of our concerns, addressed them clearly and successfully dealt with complex issues with ease. Being proactive and solving problems before they happen is key in this field to minimize downtime – and HB Computers is a pro at this!! Amir and his team have met and exceeded my expectations in all of the following areas:
  • CAT6 Network Drops
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Server & Desktop Infrastructure
  • Operating Systems & Active Directory Configuration
  • Patching & Anti-Virus Status
  • Data Backups & Business Continuity
  • LAN/WAN Performance & Security
In addition to this review, we would like to add that Amir provided references on his work. I checked with each one, and they all confirmed he is an EXCELLENT partner. HB Computers is clearly a leader in the field. We cannot recommend them highly enough. A business in the 21st century cannot afford to be without HB Computers! Their excellent service can’t be topped!!
SAS Development

Huntington Beach, CA

HB Computers has been supporting Bressette Group for years. We signed up for a monthly contract with HB Computers, and it has been working out great. I trust them completely. When I felt it was time to address my concerns with systems availability, I naturally approached them to develop a disaster recovery plan with safeguards to keep our systems always available. The HB Computers team worked with us to understand our business needs and designed and implemented a solution that is more than protecting our servers, networks and databases – it’s a true business-driven plan for us should something happen to our computing environment. Our company is very dependent on our systems, and now I have peace of mind knowing that our data is quickly recoverable and that we have defined actions for all of the most likely scenarios so that we can be back in business immediately with little or no loss of data. If you need an IT organization that has qualified staff, works with impeccable integrity, and is always responsive, you can count on HB Computers Network Services.
Bressette Group

Costa Mesa, CA

We have signed up for HB Computers’ monthly contract for years, and we are extremely satisfied with your response time and expertise. We do not know how we would have been able to recover our critical data without your computer resources. I cannot thank you all enough for your continued stewardship. Your prompt response to our emergency situation and your recommendations to provide enhanced protection against such attacks in the future give us tremendous peace of mind. We highly recommend the HB Computers team to any business owner who needs protection and highly effective cyber security oversight. It’s horrifying to know that there are a lot of bad guys out there, but so reassuring to know that this time – the good guys won! I appreciate you and would highly recommend HB Computers to any prospective business owner considering your services. I am a fan and will always be happy to serve as a reference of your exceptional service.
Summit Lending

Huntington Beach, CA

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