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Managed IT Services

As the leading provider of Managed IT Services in Huntington Beach, CA and surrounding areas, HB Computers will manage, monitor and secure your entire IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, and networks. Whether your equipment is at your location, at our data center or a combination of both, the result is that you will no longer need to worry about the performance of your IT systems. It will ALWAYS be operating at an optimum level.

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Our Managed IT Services include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up, managing and monitoring desktops, servers and networks
  • Addressing issues related to firewalls, switches, virtual hosts and network storage.
  • Installing, managing and updating security software (virus, spam and spyware/malware)
  • Installing, managing and updating software
  • Backing up servers and work stations to protect against data loss
  • Hosting your emails for total access from any device or location
  • Storing data with unparalleled security measures

We provide Small – Medium - Enterprise business installation and support for all types of networks. This includes setting up secure connections and monitoring your network infrastructure 24/7. The Ethernet network is most common and is formed by connecting individual computers to each other through wires using devices (like switches, bridges, routers, hubs and firewall).
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Storage Area Management

We manage storage area networks (SAN) by,

  • Monitoring storage availability and utilization
  • Optimizing storage capacity
  • Handling incidents remotely
  • Ensuring data security
  • Providing data backup and restoration services

Server Support

We will ensure that your server is always in a state of top performance by,

  • Providing remote day-to-day trouble shooting to avoid downtime
  • Improving your server’s efficiency
  • Ensuring that it will accommodate your growth
  • Establishing a proper and efficient network cabling systems with the right cables, patch panels, server racks, power management and switches in place.

Network Cabling Services

If you are a new or existing business that is planning to install and manage a company-wide network system, or if your current network is not functioning to your satisfaction, you will need a team that is not only responsive to your specific needs but that is also highly experienced in all facets of cabling and wiring. Whether you need structured cabling to strengthen or expand your infrastructure or voice cabling wiring installation, we guarantee that our work will be exceptional. We use only the highest quality hardware and have a 10+ years’ reputation for precise installation procedures that result in the maximum level of performance.

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We offer a wide range of CAT5e, CAT6 and Fiber Optics, as well as supply patch cables in all sizes and colors for customization. Whether we are adding one drop or multiple ones, our technicians will label each drop based on an infrastructure labeling scheme that we create for future reference. This includes every patch panel portal, wall plate and faceplate.

HB Computers specializes in all facets of Network cabling including:

  • Network Data Cabling
  • Voice Cabling
  • Data Center Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Testing and Certification of Installation

HB Computers knows that every step of an installation process is critically important. With that in mind, we take special care to ensure that every cable that we install is carefully tested by a REAL WORLD CERTIFIER ™ Tester.

We offer a flat per drop at the best prices! If you have any questions, please call us at 714-969-3001 or send an email to
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Providing trusted IT support for our business clients has proved to be one of our greatest areas of satisfaction and success. We have established great relationships within the local business community and beyond and look forward to serving your needs as well. Please access our Computer and Network Systems Account Application by clicking the following link.

Simply complete the form, print, sign and return it to us either by mail or email as a scanned attachment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. Thank you for your interest in our Business IT Support Services! We look forward to making sure that your computer system and network will always be capable of top performance 24/7, 365 days a year.

Call HB Computers 714-969-3001 for more information!
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