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How can I prevent spam in my emails?

You won’t be able to prevent all spam, but here are a few practices that may help.

  • Try not to post your email address in chat rooms, news groups or other public venues.
  • Don’t purchase products or services that come from companies that solicit you in an email.
  • If you receive an email from an individual or company you do not know, delete it.
  • When you fill out a form on the Internet, see if there is a “check box” that is checked by default for you to receive a newsletter or other information.
  • Consider using a more complicated user name.
  • Don’t participate in chain emails.
  • Only click links and open attachments from trusted senders.
  • Check the spelling of the email. Spam often contains misspellings, oddly-worded phrases, and gibberish.
  • If you get a great deal of spam from a specific source, get in touch with your Internet service provider and complain. They don’t like spam either. Once they are alerted, they can filter out mail from a suspected spammer address.
  • Many email programs allow you to set up rules to filter out emails or you can install a “spam filter.”