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Why do motherboards fail?

The motherboard is often considered the heart of a computer. As long as it’s intact, most computer problems can be successfully repaired by a skilled technician at a reasonable cost. But occasionally motherboards do fail! Here are the most common reasons why :

  • A major cause is a power surge. A sudden change of voltage can damage the circuit of your motherboard. This can occur when there is a problem with the wiring in your home or office, an unequal draw of power by appliances sharing the electrical source, a problem with the power supplier outside your home or office, or even an electrical storm. Plugging your computer into a good surge protector is the best way to control power surges by neutralizing the effects. And during severe storms, it may be best to shut down your computer and wait until the storm subsides.
  • Dust and dirt can cause your motherboard to overheat by clogging the fan that is meant to keep it ventilated. Even pet hair and tar from cigarettes can be the culprit! This can be avoided if you try to keep your work area dust free and schedule a regular cleaning with certified technicians.
  • Performing too many multiple operations at one time, such as when you are gaming or if you are watching a movie for an extended period, can also cause your motherboard to overheat. Be sure to give your computer a rest from time to time and keep it in a cool and well-ventilated area.
  • An accidental spill of liquid on your computer or a sudden impact caused by dropping your computer can cause your motherboard to fail. Spills are common and can short out the circuits. If this happens, shut down (or disconnect the power) and remove the battery. Do not turn it back on. Instead, take it to a qualified computer repair service.
  • Since motherboards are mass produced, sometimes manufacturing defects occur. Your computer has a manufacturer’s warranty to protect you from these occasional defects. A qualified technician can assess your motherboard failure and determine whether it is a most likely a defect or due to another cause.
  • At some point your motherboard will fail simply because of aging. An electrical circuit board has a finite life span. At this point you may have to replace your computer. But with care, your computer should give you many hours of work time. Some of the better motherboards last up to 50,000 hours!

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