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Our Team

HB Computers has been fortunate to attract a highly capable team of IT experts with years of professional experience. They adhere to a high standard of excellence and are dedicated to our corporate commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Madiha Rajput


  • Amir Rajput


  • Jacob Thompson

    Social Media Manager

  • Adeosun Answer

    HR Manager

  • America Duque’ Gonzalez

    Front desk receptionist

  • Merine Tulloch


  • Catherine Valore

    Customer Service Representative

  • Manraj Gurjar

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Sujan Mehta

    IT Architecture Consultant

  • Sasan Ghanemnia

    Senior Server/Network Engineer

  • Gerry Lumba

    Server/Network Engineer

  • Dung Hoang

    Computer Technician

  • Rudy Irigoyen

    Computer Technician

  • Paul Custodio

    Computer Technician

  • Kevin Vahidi

    Data Recovery Specialist

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