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The Remarkable Benefits of Networks

When computers are connected in a network, much more can be accomplished than simply using a single computer. With networks, people become connected – and when people become connected – amazing things happen. Networking is a wonderful technological advancement that has expanded worldwide! The greatest evolution of networks is the Internet. Whenever you access the Internet, you are already using a network.

Networks help people share resources, information, data and ideas by:

  • Simplifying communication through tools like email, video conferencing, and instant messaging
  • Allowing users to share a single device, like a printer or scanner
  • Facilitating the sharing of files, software and operating programs
  • Improving data management

There are several types of networks:

  • PAN: A Personal Area Networks is a computer network that connects a single computer to a mobile computer, a cell phone, and/or a handheld computing device.
  • HAN: A Home Area Network integrates a wide range of electrical devices into a central control process, ranging from computers to televisions and even alarm and home protection devices. With a HAN, you can control the use and function of all the devices by simply accessing the network.
  • LAN: Local Area Networks provide a networking capability to a group of computers in one location, like an office building, a school or a home.
  • WAN: Wide Area Network spans a large geographic area, like a state, province or country.
  • MAN: Metropolitan Area Networks are designed for a town or city. MANs are larger than local-area networks (LANs), but smaller than wide-area networks (WANs).
  • Campus Networks connect local-area networks within a limited geographical space like as a school campus or a military base.
  • GAN: Global Area Networks connects WANs and covers an unlimited geographical area

Computer networks can be established using an Ethernet, optical fiber or using wireless connections. The Ethernet network is most common and can be easily set up by a skilled computer technician. This type of network is formed by connecting individual computers to each other through wires using devices (like switches, bridges, routers and hubs) and different types of cables (like twisted pair wire, coaxial cable and fiber optics).

There are also Wireless networks. These are accomplished without physical welding or wiring. Wireless networks are based on the use of radio and infrared signals as well as communication satellites, microwaves, cellular systems, wireless LANs and Bluetooth.

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