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Which is better – a Laptop or Desktop Computer

Although prices for computers have decreased over the years, they are still an important investment, and as a consumer you want to have the very best model to fulfill all of your computing needs. One of the most frequent questions that come up when purchasing a computer is whether to buy a laptop or a desktop. There are pros and cons to each kind, and it is helpful to understand the differences before you make a purchase.

Laptops are a great choice for some customers for the following reasons:

  • They are portable. Their flexibility allows you to use them anywhere in your house without worrying about wiring. They can fit anywhere in your home if space is an issue, compared to the size and wiring of a desktop PC.
  • With abundance of Wi-Fi connections today, they are easy to take and use wherever you go. They are also great for travelling since they come in light, streamlined models in a wide range of sizes. Many laptops now have extended battery life to give you more usability.
  • They are great for older students who need to do work in a quiet area of the house, in a classroom, in their dorm, or at the library.
  • Although laptops are generally more expensive than desktops, you won’t have to buy components like a separate monitor or keyboard.
  • Since there are fewer vertical movements when using a laptop keyboard compared to a desktop keyboard, speed usually increases, and the placement of the trackpad serves as a wrist rest.
  • LCD screen on a laptop is more superior to desktop computers, resulting in better picture quality.
  • Laptops have greater resale value.
  • Laptops use far less energy than a desktop. Choosing a laptop over a desktop may translated to an energy savings of 50-80%.
  • Laptops offer you more privacy than a desktop.
  • Laptops have an important role in the business world. They are perfect for sales personnel, who with the proper accessories can make presentations, place orders and even print receipts. Managers find them useful when they travel or if they want to continue working on a project at home after hours. Field staff also finds that laptops are invaluable in their work.

Desktops are a great choice for other customers for the following reasons:

  • If you routinely work with large graphics, gaming, video or similar applications, desktops typically have more powerful components.
  • Desktops are great in a family with younger children because you can more easily the monitor usage.
  • Desktops generally are less costly than laptops, because the smaller components required in laptops are more complex and more expensive to manufacture.
  • There is more flexibility in terms of upgrades and repairs in a desktop. You can easily modify components like increasing its memory or upgrading its processor.
  • In terms of ergonomics, a desktop generally offers a more ergonomically correct workspace with an adjustable monitor, full-size keyboard and stationary location on a dedicated desk. A proper setup lessons strain on your eyes, neck, back, hands and wrists.
  • Desktops are generally not susceptible to theft or damage from dropping.
  • Desktops generally offer many more external peripherals than a laptop. Laptops often have only two USB ports, but desktops usually come with a minimum of four.
  • A desktop computer can come with a monitor display up to 20-24 inches and can add multiple display monitors depending on the number of graphic cards that can be supported.
  • If you work area is especially small, you don’t need to go to a laptop because there are space-saving desktop models now available for compact spaces. Some even feature a combined monitor and CPU for both space-saving convenience and wireless connectivity.
  • Desktops are often preferred by employers who have office-based staff – such as bookkeepers, data entry employees, and graphic designers

While laptops are more expensive than desktops, how you intend to use your computer is the primary factor in your choice. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from a reputable company like HB Computers. Our phone number is 714-969-3001. You may find out that you can even have a computer custom-designed for your needs!