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Used Laptop Buying Guide

There are many people who have been purchasing used laptops in recent times and they are quite happy with their investment. They actually disregarded the stigma that was developed with buying a used laptop. There are common misconceptions regarding a used laptop that it has no durability, no reliability, no guarantee, and should, therefore, be avoided to purchase.

However, if you follow the steps given below, you definitely will be able to make your used laptop purchase the best buy.

Buy refurbished in place of the used laptop

If possible, you must buy a refurbished laptop instead of a used one. This is because a refurbished laptop will be repaired of any flaw and maintained properly by certified engineers. On the other hand, a used laptop or second hand laptop will not be touched up at all. As the refurbished laptops are examined and repaired carefully, they are less likely to be broken down, when compared to a used laptop. On the downside, a refurbished laptop is often more expensive than the used ones.

Buy from a trustworthy and reputable dealer

Make sure that you purchase a refurbished or a used laptop from a reputed and trustworthy seller. When purchasing online, you should go with a trustworthy site that has a history of providing quality goods. When purchasing offline from the local market, pick a trustworthy and reputed seller who also is knowledgeable with computers.

Inspect the laptop thoroughly for any damage

The cosmetic damages should be checked but those can be ignored if not apparent. They will just hinder the aesthetics of the laptop but will not indicate the performance quality of the laptop. Therefore, you must check out the following before making your purchase:

  • Examine the screen of your laptop – Switch on the laptop check the screen for any damage. The colors should be bright and stable and not washed out or discolored from any area. Repairing the LED screen later can be quite costly. Pick another laptop if you find any problem with the screen.
  • Check for the input ports – Another crucial thing to check is the input ports. Whether they are USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks, power input or anything else; ensure that they are working properly. Also, ensure to check the keyboard and touchpad of the laptop because it can be really difficult for you to work with.

Make sure you check the battery life of the used laptop

You can expect a weak battery life of a used laptop. But, it should not affect your laptop purchasing decision. However, you must know the condition of the battery before buying the laptop. This will let you decide how soon you will require battery replacement.

Do not forget to check the software programs

Most of the times, it is seen that the used laptops are reformatted or reset to factory settings before being sold. Generally, because of this, you may not get the latest versions of software programs. You must carefully check it out before buying and ask about it from the seller. HB Computers offers new, refurbished and used laptops in Orange County. You can visit our online shop to buy a used laptop, desktop, MacBook and iMac.