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Over the years, our professional staff members have answered many questions posed by our customers. Our goal is to provide information that is clear, succinct and useful. The questions below represent those that have been most commonly asked. If you would like to learn more about one of the topics, or if you have a question that is not represented on our list, please don’t hesitate to call us at 714-969-3001 or email us at [email protected]. As always, HB Computers is dedicated to superior customer service at all times. No question is too small or too complex for our undivided attention.

Can you downgrade my computer from current version of Windows to a previous version?

Yes you can! Simply call HB Computers for help.

My Wireless network is not persistent. What can I do to make it better?

Wireless technology is still catching up to wire-based technology in reliability. However, there are simple reasons for non-persistence. Your neighborhood may have too many wireless signals that cancel or “noise over” each other. Your wireless adapter or router may be old or outdated, and possibly using better “N” technology would help. Ask any HB Computers team to help!

My computer acts weird. I ran an Antivirus software and Antispyware, and they indicate that I have no viruses. But why does my system still act weird with hangs, crashes and freezes. What is happening?

There could be many causes. It could be due to overheating because of dust accumulation in the heat sink fins, or maybe one of your fans is not working. There could be also a device driver malfunction or a conflicting application that might contribute to this problem. Bring your computer to HB Computers for comprehensive diagnosis.

What kind of computer repairs can you do?

There’s very little that we can’t do! To name a just a few – we can repair your motherboard, your hard drive, your broken LCD, your video card or chip, your cooling system, and your DC jack. We can install a new operating system, replace your keyboard or touch pad, upgrade your memory, solve your Windows to Mac OS X printing issues, and remove viruses. We can also recover data or perform data migration. We can even repair your iPad, iPod or iPhone!

Does it cost a lot of money to diagnose a problem on my Mac or PC?

No, it’s not expensive at all. For just $50, we can conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of any problem on any computer. Diagnosing a server just costs $75.

I know you can fix my computer – but what about network support?

We can absolutely take care of all of your network needs.

I think I may need to buy a new computer. Mine is starting to have problems. Do you have any advice?

You may just need a simple repair rather than replacing your favorite device. Why don’t you let us take a look at it before you spend money on a new one? We can fix yours and also upgrade it for you. Some customers even like us to build a custom one just for them. However, if you would like to purchase a new one, we can direct you to the best Mac or PC for your needs.

I don’t have time to bring my business computer in for repairs. What are my options?

We can come to you! Whether you work in an office building or have your own home office, we can provide on-site diagnosis and service for only $125.

I have a personal computer that needs servicing. Is there any way that you can pick it up and deliver it when it is fixed?

Absolutely! Our door-to-door delivery service only costs $49.

What kind of virus protection should I have?

There are hundreds of new viruses appearing on weekly basis. They can destroy data on your computer or allow unauthorized access to sensitive data on your system. With the rise in email usage, standard desktop protection is no longer sufficient. Call HB Computers so that we can help you identify potential risks and help you secure your network.

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